KRFT - Modular Music Making

KRFT is a new approach to music production and composition. Designed from the ground up with a focus on live experimentation and expressive interactions, KRFT will help inspire you to make music that would normally be out of reach.

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KRFT lets you build modular musical surfaces that can be controlled and interpreted on the fly. Recorded loops, custom samples, dials and more can all be controlled by one unified interface allowing for dynamic compositions. This structure lends itself to live play, each performance being unique and instinctive.

Freed from the conventions of standard keyboards – and from dull, regimented grid pads – there’s room for expression and dynamism, continually reinterpreting your track. This workflow allows you create dynamic compositions that would be difficult to create in other music software.

Open the door to new workflows and inspiration.


Don’t be confined by pre-defined interfaces, make your own rules! Want to build a song? Add loops and groups to build a structure. Need to add a layer of jam-ability? Add drum fills, live effects and filters. Now get jamming!


Import your own samples and export your recordings. Use KRFT as a source with Inter-App Audio and connect with other devices using Ableton Link.


A highly optimised and high quality custom sound engine is at the core of KRFT. Choose from 50 Bass presets, 50 Lead presets, 14 Drum Kits & over 50 Sound Effects to make your creations. Go deeper and tweak filters, effects and more to make the sound your own.


Rather than writing a song from start to finish, KRFT lets you play and re-interpret your composition giving you the opportunity to experiment and add flair in real time. Record multiple takes and export them to your favourite audio software or upload online.