You’ve been breathing your whole life, so you’d think you’d be an expert, but most people have developed improper breathing habits that have a negative impact on your physical and mental health.

BreatheSonic uses dynamically generated music and immersive graphics to help you retrain your body to breathe correctly. Studies show this can reduce anxiety, stress, blood pressure and optimise your mental and physical performance.

How it works

– Use the dynamic music and graphics to guide your breathing
– Breathe in as the music ascends and the flower grows
– Breathe out as the music descends and the flower collapses
– Use the rhythm of the music to count and retain focus
– Once you’re able to, close your eyes and just use the sound to guide you

The benefits of breathing practice

Reduce stress and anxiety
Focusing on your breath is the perfect opportunity to practice mindfulness. By being aware of your breath and body you are letting your mind focus on something physical that isn’t your thoughts.

Mindfulness reduces stress and has been clinically proven to beat depression, and enhance decision-making and creativity.

Reduce blood pressure
Shallow, rapid breathing activates your sympathetic nervous system which mediates the body’s response to physical activity. By practicing longer, deeper breaths you can decrease this stimulation which results in slower heart rate, lower blood pressure and a sense of calm.

The American Heart Foundation recommend taking 15 to 20 minutes a day to sit quietly and breathe deeply to help reduce stress and blood pressure.  
Optimise exercise performance
Bad breathing decreases your body’s ability to deliver oxygen to the cells. Learning how to breathe more slowly has been found to reduce shortness of breath, increase oxygen saturation in the blood, and improve exercise performance.