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Press Reviews

“KRFT is a truly innovative app which certainly achieves its aim of finding a new way to let you make music.”


“They said they would expand my musical imagination…and they succeeded. The future is here and its name is KRFT.”


“App of the week. A novel music app that encourages creativity beyond just making songs, through reimagining composition and also the very instruments you play”


“… fun for almost any iOS musician with a bent for electronic music styles to explore”


“I haven’t been able to put this thing down for days”


“Great interface, and super easy to understand. You can get quite in depth, making it usable for serious composition, whilst remaining a lot of fun to use.”


Average rating of ★★★★★ from over 100 reviews

“Massively impressed. I’ve bought and played around with thousands of ios apps and this is something special.”   

“This app has struck such an incredible balance between sound quality, intuitive user interface, the latest tech, and ease of use.”   

“The most creative music making app ever, really shows what can be done with a touch interface. KRFT = producing + performing.”   

“I’ve only been playing around with this for a day but I’ve already started creating the most interesting compositions I’ve made for a long time. It really puts you into a different frame of mind and is great fun to experiment with.”   

“This app takes innovation to a new level with its unique music creation! (If you are a fan of garage band then this diverse app will show you the power of so much more!)”   

“Really good piece of work. I’ve been through most if not all of variants on this theme (Auxy to Beatwave to Oscilab etc etc), but I think these guys have finally nailed it. AND they seem engaged, enthusiastic and keen to keep on with it. People are going to make great tunes with this app. Hope I’m one of them…”   

“Innovative, Beautiful, Intuitive, Evolving. Not only is this app a delight to compose and play, it is the rare iOS music app that rewards performance. And the developer keeps updating and adding new features. Amazing and wondrous. A must.”

“It’s flexible, it’s powerful, it’s intuitive, and features a beautiful design. This is the music creation app made with touch in mind rather than desktop motifs. Get it now before it blows up and the price goes up.”   

“Game changer in the works. I absolutely love this app! Easily crafting your own play surface is a dream. The aesthetic of the sounds are perfect for me and highly tweakable”   
“It’s the new way I think about making music.”