Make amazing music in the palm of your hand

NOiZE is a revolutionary app for making music, striking the perfect balance between expression, depth and accessibility.

A new way to play

Use beautiful musical interfaces built from loops, fills and effects, to create intricate songs and performances all with simple expressive touches and gestures.

Jam live with your friends

Sync up to 10 iPhones together and jam multiple NOiZE interfaces. Create spontaneous mashups with friends or play solo and perform on several devices simultaniously.

Tweak and Personalise

Customize the sounds, effects, key, tempo and groove of your song to make it your own. Import presets from other projects to create fusions of genres and hours of creativity.

We’re just getting started!

Custom sample importing, interface builder and social network integration are a few of the features we’re bringing to NOiZE in the near future. More info to follow soon..

Coming soon..

We’re making amazing progress every day and it won’t be long before we can release NOiZE! If you’d like to get updates on it’s progress you can –

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