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Timelines are sequences of musical notes that play a particular Instrument.

For convenience, in KRFT we use the term Loop to refer to a Timeline that is toggled on/off (i.e. it will look be a solid color) and Fill to refer to a Timeline that is only active when being touched (it will look outlined)

When editing a timeline cell, there are three tabs at the top

There’s also the Sound Settings accessible from the keyboard tab

Keyboard / Drum Pads

This page is used to record riffs and drum beats into the timelines using the Keyboard or Drum pads interface.


You can overdub your recording. Just press record again and play over the top! ‍>

Sound Settings

Tweak parameters on the synth or drums. Use the tabs at the top to navigate the categories of tweaks e.g. Waves, Distortion, Filter etc.

Use the keyboard at the bottom of the page to preview your changes.


Use the matrix to draw in beats and melodies or correct mistakes you made whilst recording.


Change the velocity of a note by dragging up and down on the end of the note. ‍>

Timeline Settings

On this page you can adjust the advanced settings for the Timeline.

Exploding a Timeline

In KRFT 1.6 we introduced a new Explode method for Timeline cells. This allows you to slice up an existing timeline either by time interval or note pitch. – Explode By – Either choose “slice” to divide the timeline by time intervals or key to divide the timeline by note pitches. – Slice Length – The time interval the timeline will be divided by. – Trim Start/End – Whether to remove or keep the empty space at the start and end of the resulting timelines. – Interaction – Interaction setting of the resulting cells. – Sync – Sync setting of the resulting timelines. – Mix Mode – Mix Mode setting of the resulting timelines. —

Mix Mode

Interaction, Sync, Cue

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